Get involved

How can we combat the scourge of child soldiers, protect the environment or campaign for women’s rights if journalists, bloggers and netizens are not free to expose abuses? WeFightCensorship gives a voice to campaigns stifled by censorship and thwart the machinations and pressures of authoritarian governments. WeFightCensorship shows that imprisoning a journalist, blogger or netizen, seizing copies of a newspaper or blocking access to a site where a video has been posted will not prevent their message from being spread around the world – on the contrary. Would you like to help us in our fight? Help us to bring this project to life, make a donation!

Send in censored material

Anyone can join in the fight against censorship. Do you have a document that has been censored or banned? Send it to Reporters Without Borders using our digital safe. We will evaluate it and make some journalist checks and if we consider it falls within RWB’s mandate – freedom of news and information – and the mission of WeFightCensorship, we shall disseminate it via WeFightCensorship. The digital safe is a group of tools designed to protect the safety and anonymity of Web users who want to send documents to Reporters Without Borders.

When a user sends a document using a secure application form, it is encrypted on the server then sent to the Reporters Without Borders storage area. The server that hosts the secure form retains no record of any documents or data that would allow the user to be traced – there is no record of the user’s log-in time or IP address. Once the document has been transferred to the storage area, it can be retrieved via a dedicated work station then de-crypted using a unique private key. It is then run through several types of anti-virus software.

Since our digital safe is encrypted, you do not have to use protection or anonymization tools for your communications and data, such as the Tor network or a virtual private network (VPN). Take a look at our digital survival kit.

Create a mirror site to help the fight against censorship

The WeFightCensorship site has been designed to be duplicated using the principle of mirror sites. You can also host a copy of our site on your own server and help the worldwide fight against censorship. The more copies there are, the more difficult it will be to filter and block WeFightCensorship and the content it disseminates throughout the world. To facilitate the creation of robust mirror sites, we have established a procedure for copying our site. However, this is aimed at well-informed users who have a basic knowledge of Web server management. Others can take part and duplicate our site using “suction software” such as httrack.

Become a volunteer translator

You don’t need to be a computer expert to take part in the WeFightCensorship project. We need to translate documents from a variety of languages into the languages that the site uses, currently French and English. You can play a part by helping us to finish translating documents that may be partly translated, or suggest other languages. You can send your suggested translations to (PGP ID : 2BBC1ECE), or using our digital safe. By helping us to translate documents from the world’s languages, including those that are rare, you will be helping us to disseminate their contents. Information knows no borders.